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Final Episode of The Great Circus Murder!

Yes, this episode of Real Crime has the 12th and final installment of the great circus murder of Honest John Brunen. At last the trial of the circus folk comes to a close and the jury delivers its verdict. Drama and conclusion wrap up this long mystery. Was justice served?

real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this episode of Real Crime we have part 7 of the mystery murder of who killed Leoda Childress, the 20-year-old girl in rural North Carolina. In this installment, the Tilley’s are arrested as evidence is outlined with detailed testimony from various neighbors and friends of Leoda. The big question remains about the infamous note and whether Leoda’s death was a suicide or murder. It sure doesn’t look good for the Tilley clan!

The Great Circus Murder Part 7

This weeks episode of Real Crime features Part 7 of the great Circus Murder of ‘Honest’ John Brunen. This is now a few months later and the suspects, including Brunen’s wife, are facing the first day of the trial for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. What can I say, it’s a circus!

real crime with Danny Lopez

Also in this episode we have part 5 of the murder of Florence Allinson, that poor farmgirl in rural New Jersey. Apparently, Rufus Johnson’s latest confession has indeed implicated Smalls and now Smalls himself has broken down and confessed to his part in the murder. We also have part 2 of the mystery of the murder of a young woman in North Carolina. Her body has been exhumed and doctors are looking for clues: was it murder or suicide?